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Science Laboratory

  1. Vernier Caliper
  2. Simple Cell
  3. Bar Magnet 2"
  4. U Shape Magnet
  5. Magnetic Compass
  6. Ebonite Road
  7. Mirror Concave 2"
  8. Mirror Convex 2"
  9. Prism 38
  10. Dissection Box

Social Science Lab

  1. World Map (Political)
  2. World Map (Natural)
  3. India Map (Political)
  4. India Map ( Natural)
  5. Maharashtra Map
  6. Globe
  7. National Leader Photos

Psychology Laboratory

  1. Tatistoscope with Cards
  2. Vheepals Method Cards (Memory Cards)
  3. IQ, Alexander Pass Along Test
  4. Persivation Cards
  5. Transfer of learning (Cup & Ball)
  6. Stop watch
  7. Call Bell
  8. Mirror Drawing Kit
  9. Color Disk Board

Education Technology

  1. Overhead projector
  2. Slide Projector
  3. Audio-Video Recording Instrument
  4. Colour TV, VCD, Amplifier System, Movie Camera, Speakers, Radio
  5. Educational CD's English Grammar CD-ROM VIII, IX, X STD. Geography, Economics CD IX, X General Science VIII, Algebra X, History of India, Growth Human Civilization IX, World Geography, Encyclopedia Standard, History of the Universe, Apple Tree Nursery Rhymes Volume Ist, Apple Tree Nursery rhymes Valume IInd, World Encyclopedia, CDs (Class 1st to 8th)
  6. Educational Cassette's Learning with Rhymes Volume A, Learning with Rhymes Volume B, Learning with Rhymes Volume C, Vikas Colorful Rhymes, Kilbil Baobad Gite.
  7. Computer Lab. Set of 16 Computers,1 Printer (HP Jet) Printers
    Speakers, UPS, Stabilizer internet facility,scanner


  1. Steel Pols
  2. Carrom Board
  3. Lezim
  4. Volley Ball
  5. Foot Ball
  6. Cricket Kit
  7. Chess Set
  8. Thali
  9. Badminton
  10. Skeeping Rope etc.

Library Facility

  1. Literature
  2. Journals
  3. Magazines
  4. Competition Review
  5. Subject bookes / Text book
  6. Methodology books
  7. Biography
  8. News papers
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